Welcome at Die Huisgalery

Die Huisgalery exclusively represents and promotes artists whose works are not generally accessible or obtainable in other South African art galleries.

This small group include among others, a teenage autistic artist, a writer-poet-painter and a so-called struggle artist.

Die Huisgalery attends to clients by appointment only; it serves as a fulltime studio and facilitating centre for some of the artists and is not open for public visit, other than for exhibitions as periodically advertised.

Featured Artists:

Tania du Toit: Contemporary painter (writer and poet) of landscapes, figures, flowers and still-life studies,with subjects often in rural background.

Joshua Martin: This young autistic artist's portfolio reflects vivid and bright celebrations of life, paintings which confirm a positive turn in a challenged,
yet fascinating young life: messages from a fine eccentric young man staking his rather unique claim in life.

Die Huisgalery features not only the works of Tania du Toit and Joshua Martin, but also a number of "Other Contemporary Artists".  
For more information on their works and specific style, please visit our "Also Representing Page".