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Sandy Esau

Contemporary colourful work in any medium from oils to graphite:  rural themes, groups of dancers (Cape Coons, ballroom, disco, kwaito), musicians, nguni cattle, fishermen, labourers, farmers, township scenes reflecting chapters in the life of this ‘struggle artist’  from the previously disadvantaged population of South Africa.

Sandy Esau was one of eight winners of the “World Art City Competition” for the "World Summit on Sustainable Development" in Johannesburg in 2002.

Education includes Ruth Prowse Art School and the Daljosafat Art Foundation.  Sandy Esau had more than 35 exceptionally successful exhibitions to date, strong client base internationally.

The Stellenbosch University Museum included Esau’s art in their collection under ‘Contemporary Cape Artists’ in 2008. Outstanding talent and merit.
No doubt, a name that will be noted in the future chapters of South African art history.

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