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Joshua Martin

This young autistic artist’s portfolio reflects vivid and bright celebrations of life, paintings which confirm a positive turn in a challenged, yet fascinating young life. His works are messages from a fine eccentric young man staking his rather unique claim in life.

He is tutored by his mother, also a painter. Since the age of 3 he had been a student of a well-known potter to cultivate his creative talent, to facilitate self-expression whilst developing finger and hand muscle tone and co-ordination, and so, investing in his creative intelligence. In his 16th year, he decided to focus on his career and life as a painter. Joshua Martin completed two successful exhibitions to date of which both were broadcasted on national television. His first exhibition in 2010 was the spark of inspiration behind the Heroes of Hope Exhibition for People with Autism at the Aardklop National Arts Festival in 2011, where he, along with 9 other young artists with autism, were awarded with Certificates of Honour. Joshua Martin was also commissioned by an information company with an international client base, as artist for their 2011 promotional desk calendar.

Acquisition of artwork:

  • Commissioned work.
  • Exhibitions.
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