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Tania du Toit

Contemporary painter (writer and poet) of landscapes, figures, flowers and still-life studies, with subjects often in rural background. Reflection. Solitude. 
Tania's work includes decorative, commercial white-on-white studies which is also very popular.  Her paintings have tonal contrasts with an earthy palette. Regular subjects include females and children. 
Since the age of 12, Tania received private art tuition from a well-known SA painter.  She has completed some studies at university and technical academy. 

Tania du Toit’s work was included in sponsorship of Beeld’s Bride of the Year Competition by Die Huisgalery since 2008.

Du Toit has a fast-increasing client base locally and abroad.

Acquisition of artwork:

  • Commissioned work.
  • Exhibitions.
Should you be interested in buying or viewing available stock of this artist, please contact us.